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What To Bring To A Sound Bath?

With the rise of events happening because the world is opening back up you might have seen there’s a bunch of sound baths happening. We at R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS are even introducing our own sound baths . So the question must be had “What do you bring to a sound bath?” We have the answer for you.

Due to us going to a sound bath, and hosting them, we feel that we have some personal knowledge with what you should bring to one of these amazing vibrational symphonies. We will put a list together for you, and yes we are going to do it based on order of importance. Of course bringing an open mind doesn’t even need to be on the list. Without an open mind you will limit your relaxation and experience.

  1. An empty bladder. I have had the experience where you can’t relax the whole time because you have to pee. The entire time I was praying that I wouldn’t fall so much asleep, that I would pee on myself. When the hour was done, you bet your bottom dollar that I ran to that potty and was the first one to the loo. Here’s the thing, a sound bath is there to relax you, its there to get all the water inside of you to vibrate at a different frequency. So while it might be nice to go and have way more liquid inside of you that you should in theory, in reality it really does hinder your experience. So to me, one of the most important things that you can bring is an empty bladder.
  2. A yoga mat or something to lay on. When you’re fully free to exist without the pulsating of your bladder you’re going to need to have something to lay on that has some cushion. This can be whatever you want, but sometimes the ground that you are laying on is cerement. There is really no telling. A sound bath can be hosted anywhere so be prepared for anything.
  3. Cushions and pillows. This cannot be said as much as experienced, at the important of this. Sure you got your empty bladder, your yoga mat or blanket, but without a cushion or pillow your tail bone might be mad as heck at you afterwards. You need to bring a couple of pillows for your body to be properly supported if you want to reach maximum relaxation at a sound bath. If you have time, try laying down with the things you think you need and listen to a sound bath online and experiment with what cushions can work. You can also just bring what you have and find out at the event, as I have also done. Having a messy car comes in handy in that case. So, if you don’t want to have your legs sliding, head stretching, and tail bone hurting. Bring yourself a couple of props, pillows and cushions. We promise no one is judging you, except maybe they think you are cooler now.
  4. Water. Sometimes its fun to be cool and pretend that our bodies don’t need water to drink. I’ve come in with my Hemp sparkling water drink and realized that the fizz just wouldn’t do. This is not a time to bring only that one special drink. A sound bath is a time that water is your best friend and is honestly the only thing that will quench the sound bath thirst that arises. It is almost without a doubt going to happen where you just can’t stop coughing because there is an itch in your throat. I mean you’re laying down on your back for crying out loud, what did you think would happen? Let’s settle it right here that water is going to be your best choice when planning for a sound bath.
  5. Blanket or Covering. The change in vibration in your body is likely to change your entire body temperature. Be it hot or cold you should have a covering. I’ve been the person who was huddling in their sweater because I was cold and didn’t bring a blanket. Even a towel will do. Think about as a kid when the blanket was for protection against monsters. A sound bath needs some grounding so covering yourself like you would cover a seed is going to be a great grounding and help your relaxation.
  6. Bring your Business Cards. You are here to find your tribe. Everything is networking. Many times I have been in a situation where we met some really cool people at a sound bath or a healing event and cards or a QR code of your contact would help solidify the bond. Share that info, get those digits!

There are probably other things you may find out you need and that is awesome! If you want to comment some other things you like to bring please do! We look forward to hearing all the extra cool things to bring.

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