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Third Eye Chakra



Third Eye Chakra

This post will talk about the Third Eye Chakra, also known as the Brow Chakra and Ajya Chakra in Sanskrit. This is the sixth charka and the second when talking about the chakras involved with spirit. This chakra will be represented as a darker blue than the throat chakra, often referred to as Indigo, a cross between dark blue and violet. This charka may sometimes be represented with purple as well, although it should always be a bluer purple when given the option.

This charka is located in your brain right between your eyes where your pituitary gland lies. The predominate sense associated with the third eye chakra is intuition and sixth sense dealing with your self awareness and physic abilities as well. When you “check in with yourself” or having a feeling you just could not explain, this is the chakra you are tapping into. It is what helps to monitor and maintain all the other chakras.

The associated element is light, as light is a combination of all elements together. This chakra is sometimes known as the “Seat of the Soul”. This is the chakra that is protected when you line your eyes with black and your lips with red because this “eye” helps us see both the inner and outer worlds.

The herbs and scents associated with the third eye chakra are; almond blossoms, mugwort, patchouli and rosemary.

The third eye chakra deals with our dreams, creativity, clarity, ethics, ideas, psychic abilities and spiritual connections. If the third-eye chakra becomes unbalanced, we may feel bombarded with our own thoughts, unable to process them effectively and may feel stuck in an emotional and intellectual rut. When this chakra is out of balance you may experience physical and mental symptoms that vary in degree of severity. Physical symptoms might include; seizures, glaucoma, headaches focused in the forehead, hearing difficulties, vision and sinus difficulties and possible hair and scalp issues. Mental symptoms may include; nightmares, personality disorders, learning and concentration difficulties, lack of deeper connections, mental disorientation, delusions and mental illness as well as emotionally reactive behavior. If you are experiencing any of these at a level you feel you can not handle seek medical advise immediately as these could also be signs of a more serious issue.

However, if a medical professional says there is nothing wrong with you and you have not yet checked your chakras there are some affirmations and exercises that you can do to help heal and balance. Using jewelry and you colors in clothing can dramatically help you as well.

These are just a couple examples of affirmations and an exercises that you can do to help balance your third eye chakra. Click the pictures and links for more information on sources.


  • I am in touch with my inner guidance.
  • I listen to my deepest wisdom.
  • I seek to understand and to learn from my life experiences.
  • I am wise, intuitive, and connected with my inner guide.
  • I nurture my spirit.
  • I listen to the wisdom of elders.
  • I trust my intuition.
  • I forgive the past and learn what was there for me to learn.
  • I forgive myself.
  • I love and accept myself.
  • I know that all is well in my world.
  • I am connected with the wisdom of the universe.
  • I am open to inspiration and bliss.
  • My life moves effortlessly.
  • I am at peace.
  • I am the source of my truth and my love.
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Happy Healing

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