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Although R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS is a marketing agency its owners do more than just that. Both Rebecca Rizzo and Edra Izzo are licensed cosmetologist and Reiki Practioners. Edra and Rebecca both have a branch of R.S.S. that deals with energy, healing and wellness. R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS is a part of this energy because Reiki and these other healing modalities can be sent to a business, its employees and their clients. If you are looking for a marketing company that includes energy into the mix you need look no further. The structure of R.S.S. is created so that no one is left out or pushed into anything they do not want. However, since the creation of R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS was made to create genuine connections so that the world can feel the healing of this ripple out type effect. We find it important to stress that though Rise With Edra Izzo and Energy With Shay Rizzo are branches, they are also part of the roots. All our businesses are connected, just as we are all connected, as all living beings are connected. So while R.S.S. is structed so that even people who do not care or believe in energy (strange as that may be), please know that energy work is at R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS core. For more information on our energy services we suggest you pick a practioner and see what each offers.. whoever you are drawn to is what will be meant for you. We will include instructions for you to reach out below.

Rebecca Rizzo

Energy With Shay Rizzo

To reach out to Rebecca you can go to her Facebook. She has posts with different sale items and answers messages for any custom jewelry. You can reach out to her in messages about scheduling an energy healing.

Edra Izzo

Rise With Edra Izzo

To reach out to Edra you can go to her website. She has a list of qualifications, packages and products that she offers. All of her information to reach out will be available on her site.

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“Emotional Equity is the opposite of saying “It’s nothing personal it’s just business.” R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS realizes that everything is personal. It’s Personal Business.”