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Written By: Edra Izzo

The wearer can use the infused energy right after purchase. In order to maintain a positive energy infusion that will work well for energy therapy, the wearer must infuse energy throughout the piece’s lifetime. Depending on the amount of negative energy surrounding the wearer, the energy may need to be infused more often. There are many intentions that you can infuse into an object. This blog post is created to help you maintain a full positive energy charge by teaching you how to re-infuse your purchased pieces, as well as show you tips on how to infuse a completely new item.

There are many methods to infuse or CHARGE a piece with intention but in this post we will be using the method of TOUCH.


You posses active and passive hands, also called your giving and receiving hands. With your active, giving, hand you manipulate and create energy. With your passive, receiving, hand you acknowledge and receive energy. In order to determine which hand is which; fold your hands together in a natural, relaxed way, with the fingers intertwined, and rest your hands in front of you. Now, look at your thumbs. Which thumb is covering the other? The thumb on top is the hand that is active: best for sending out energy, and charging objects. The hand whose thumb is being covered by the other one is your giving or passive hand: better for accepting energy and far more sensitive to the feel of energy-fields already there. Note: it is not a lesser hand, nor is the other hand magically more useful! The two skills are different, not superior or inferior.

Now that you know which hand is which, you will be infusing your item with your active hand.

Hold the object in your hand and focus your intention upon it. You can also do this with the addition of asking a blessing of a particular deity that resonates with you or that corresponds with the intention of your charging. Divine words can be used to further fuse the energies with your purpose or you can create a ritual or event of charging items. You may choose to charge a number of items at once or single items for specific purposes. The sky is the limit! Sometimes words are not needed and a blessing of the heart in sacred silence is what you feel like offering. Follow your own inner wisdom and call on what you feel.

A good amount of time to focus on your piece and intention is about 3-5 min however there is no maximum time allotment. It is said that only 30 seconds of positive thoughts a day to change your life, so your energy infusion should help you hone your skills of positive thinking by also allowing you to create memories and associations with the piece. Similar to people having lucky charms such as undies, shirts, shoes, or socks; anything that you choose to positively infuse has the potential to become that for you.

BEWARE THAT IF YOU INFUSE NEGATIVE ENERGY BAD THINGS MAY HAPPEN. It is best to only infuse items when you are feeling balanced and actively envisioning the feeling you strive to attain. These tools will work so be wary of what you seek. It is best to remember the phase; “Be careful what you ask for” when dealing with energy infusion. We can also have a meeting or get together, to help you better understand your piece if needed. Email for inquires.

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