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Edra Izzo

Chief Directing Officer

Chief Directing Officer is exactly what it sounds like, Edra makes sure to direct things so they can be done. This title encompasses lots of things including structure. Do you need help creating structures in your company?


Side Gig: Rise With Edra Izzo– Edra is a transformation coach and energy healing practioner. She does different things involving divination and empowerment. You can learn more by clicking her main link (below)

Rebecca Rizzo

Creative Engineering Officer

Creative Engineering Officer sounds exactly like what it is. Rebecca is a creative engine and makes sure to bring a fun creative flare to your business. This title encompasses a lot, including creating integrative marketing plans. Do you need help putting some creativity into your marketing plan?


Side Gig: Energy With Shay Rizzo– Rebecca creates jewelry and products that are infused with positive energy. She does different things involving self care and love. You can learn more by clicking her main link (Below)

“R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS has so many customizable services and offers the best business solutions in the Coachella Valley, California.”


Meet Our Partners:

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“Emotional Equity is the opposite of saying “It’s nothing personal it’s just business.” R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS realizes that everything is personal. It’s Personal Business.”