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Community Walks- New Member Only Events

R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS (R.S.S.) organizes a special networking event called Community Walk.

This Community Walk combines physical activity, social interaction, and community participation. Participants meet at a specific location (shared to members only via email) and take a walk to explore local businesses.

The goal is to:

  • Provide an opportunity for people to connect with their community
  • Discover local establishments
  • Make new connections in a group environment

Community Walks aim to promote unity, encourage community involvement, and offer a unique way of networking that differs from traditional methods. R.S.S.’s mission is to enhance personal and professional connections while fostering emotional equity, and Community Walks are designed to create a positive, long-lasting impact.

We will be having these Community Walks on the last Thursday of each month in a different city, so that we can find, support, and connect with different businesses throughout our valley.

Please be aware this event requires walking outdoors. You will need to wear comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate to the weather. You are responsible for checking the weather for each location. Events may be postponed or canceled as needed to accommodate weather restrictions. All information will be shared with members via email. Make sure to bring appropriate business collateral.

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