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R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS is a boutique marketing business, created and operated by mother daughter duo Rebecca Rizzo and Edra Izzo

Rebecca (Left) & Edra (Right)

R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS, officially started in October 2019; was run by Edra until Rebecca could leave her work at the Chamber of Commerce on October 15, 2021. Together they are able to expand their offering and share more with their community.

R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS offers real  strategies to find the solution to your marketing needs. We don’t take months or years to create a pillar of your business. We fully understand the urgency of creating a platform for you and your members to engage. Creating emotional equity within your community should be Relatable, Satisfactory and Swift. At R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS we pride ourselves with having this goal in mind.

Rebecca & Edra

R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS is a boutique Marketing agency specializing in helping you create emotional equity in your scope of focus. As a business or an individual our lives are made up of constant interactions and most of our decisions are based on personal reasons to us. R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS is the opposite of saying “It’s nothing personal, it’s business.” It’s Personal Business. With an emphasis on helping each business and person be their best self, we can help with rebranding and community connections. There is nothing we can’t achieve if we work together, join our genuine referral partnership today!

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Helping Our Community Create Emotional Equity Since 2019

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“Emotional Equity is the opposite of saying “It’s nothing personal it’s just business.” R.IZZO STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS realizes that everything is personal. It’s Personal Business.”